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Smile Makeovers

extreme-makeover_w150.jpgAnyone who´s seen Extreme Makeover realizes what a new smile can do for someone´s appearance.   You can take advantage of the same technology you´ve seen on TV to change your entire appearance almost overnight!  Friends and relatives will notice the difference immediately.  Few will imagine that as few as two visits to our office can create such dramatic results.   The Smile Makeover process with Dr. Sanchez is easy, quick and painless.   

The procedure starts with an initial consultation.  Because each patient is different, Dr. Sanchez assesses several factors which impact the outcome of the smile, including:

  • Face shape - certain tooth shapes complement different face shapes
  • Tooth color - lighter teeth imply youth, but too white looks artificial
  • Tooth size - older teeth tend to be shorter from wear
Pictures are then taken so that you can preview your future smile via computer imaging.  This allows you and Dr. Sanchez to decide together what would be the most beautiful, natural-looking smile achievable.

To create a new smile without surgery or pain, Dr. Sanchez uses two very effective techniques:

  • Reshaping the gum line.  A laser is used to reshapes the gum around the tooth in less than five seconds without bleeding, correcting irregular gum lines and lengthening the appearance of each tooth.
  • Rebuilding the teeth with porcelain veneers. The veneers are strong and durable and can completely change a patient´s smile. They are custom made by master ceramists to repair almost any flaw.
The final result is a beautiful, custom-designed smile. The "Sanchez Smile Makeover" generates breathtaking results.  Many patients say the change is "liberating" and gives their overall appearance and self-confidence an instant boost.